Preparing Our Daughters for Puberty, Mother-Daughter Bible Study

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Preparing Our Daughters for Puberty, Mother-Daughter Bible Study

Luisa Rodriguez
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For ages 8-11.

In this mother-daughter Bible study, mothers are able to guide their girls into puberty using biblical principles.

The Bible study uses correct biological terms for the reproductive organs but also introduces spiritual boundaries, self-care, body image, and God based identity.

In full disclosure, Lesson 6 includes the topic of sex from a Biblical perspective. The study is designed so that you can exclude Lesson 6 if that is your preference. Each lesson includes discussion questions and a craft suggestion. Illustrations are provided as a reference both for the study material and the crafts as needed. 

Lesson 1: Created in His Image

Lesson 2: Woven and Knit Together

Lesson 3: Be Fruitful and Multiply

Lesson 4: Your Changing Body (Puberty)

Lesson 5: Menstruation

Lesson 6: Becoming One Flesh

Lesson 7: Be the Temple

Lesson 8: Bearing His Image

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A Mother-Daughter Bible Study eBook to help prepare girls for puberty.

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